European Bison Cow – Aurochs – (Bison bonasus) Poland 2017

(Bisons photo: Jarosław Klej)
Exclusive offer – 1999£
Months of hunting: November – end of February; best months: December and January.
Optimal stay – 5 days
This animal is under strict protection throughout the year. This year Minister has allowed to hunt for a few pieces. I have booked two European bisons, which lives in the wild only in one area in Europe.

Exclusive offer for 1999 GBP  includes

  • 1 hunter / 6 nights / 5 days of hunting
  • Preparation of the area
  • Hunter guide 1:1
  • preparation and evaluation of trophy
  • preparation of the documentation
  • Transportation during the hunt- 4×4
  • Accommodation + food
  • Skin + skull


Not included in price

  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Accommodation and food for additional person for 5 days – 500 GPB
  • Cost of the trophy
  • Costs of sending the trophy

Price of trophy (GBP)

Wounded 3000
Trophy cow 3300


  1. To book the hunting please send an e-mail to: I will send back signed offer with the type and amount of animals and the preliminary date of the hunting.
  2. Formal requirements: scan of the hunting permission, scan of the gun license indicating what kind of gun will be brought to Poland.
  3. After confirmation in the Forest District and agreed upfront payment I will send the Voucher.
  4. Upfront payment must be made untill 30th of May 2017. The amount is 1999 £ and it won’t be refund in case of cancellation of the hunting.
  5. Up to 40 days before the hunting, hunter has to pay deposit for the trophy in the amount of the ordered trophy (according to the Price List).
  6. The organizer will not allow hunters to hunt, if the upfront payment has not been made and the responsibility for this lies with the hunter.

Hunting regulations

  1. Foreign hunter, who is coming to Poland to hunt must have registered license for bringing weapon and ammunition: European Firearm Passport or special permission given by Polish Consulate. Hunter should have the license with him during the entire stay and show it at the request of the relevant authorities.
  2. For the duration of stay in Poland, foreign hunter must have obligatory and valid liability and accident insurance. The hunter is legally and financially responsible for any damages caused by his actions.
  3. The hunter is obliged to strictly comply with Polish Hunting Law. In case of violation of the rules, especially for the maintenance of security during the hunting, the organizer has the right to exclude hunter from the hunting and the hunter has no rights to any claims.
  4. If the hunter, during individual hunting, will hunt animal in the period of protection or without the leading hunter consent, he will be criminally responsible in accordance with the Law Hunting dated October 13, 1995 (Dz.U.Nr 147, poz. 713 z późniejszymi zmianami) and will be required to pay fees for the game illegally acquired in accordance with the Regulation of Ministry of Environment dated June 21, 2005 (Dz.U.Nr 116, pos. 981).

The Hunting Protocol is essential:

  1. to export abroad by foreign hunter trophies and animal carcass listed in the protocol.
  2. to settle the agreed fees for the hunting between the organizer and the purchaser.
  3. in the event of dispute any complaints of each party will be considered and resolved.
  4. Weighing the trophies should be performed after 24 hours of preparation. In case of earlier departure of the hunters, weighing must be performed before the departure. In that case the actual weight of the trophy will be written down, without any discounts for post-drying. Determined weight of the trophy is the essential for calculating the charges, which the hunter has no right to claim. If the hunter takes the head of the hunted animal, we determine the weight of the head and estimated weight and size of the trophy. The weight of the head and estimated weight and size of the trophy should be written in the protocol and will be the essential for calculating the charges, which the hunter has no right to claim. Fee for the wounded animal will be charge only in case of the wounded animal will not be found. At the request, searching for the wounded animal may be continued after the departure of the hunter in order to get the trophy, as long as the hunter state in the protocol that he will pay for the trophy in accordance to the Price List and for packaging and shipping to the indicated address.
  5. If foreign hunter decides to leave the trophy or skin in Poland it should be clearly noted int the protocol section „Comments”. In case the fact will not be noted in the protocol, exporting it at another time will be impossible.

Complaints regarding the services performed by ogrganizer may be submitted by hunters after the hunting. The essential for consideration of the complaints is adequate note in the Hunting Protocol. Complaints made after the end of the hunt, leaving forest district or other than in writing – will not be considered.

Contact us by e-mail to get more details about that offer