American Black Bear – Canada 2017

Price is 1999 EUR per hunter.
Bear hunt is in the spring, 14 of May to the 1 of July 2017.


Hunting Ground is located in the Quebec province at about hundred miles East of Montreal city. Located in the flood plain of the St-Lawrence River, close to a National Park and a Provincial Wildlife Reserve. We have some great habitat for black bear and birds like woodcocks and ruffed grouse. The farm land Habitat with clover, oat, corn,  ect. offer a perfect food plot management for our bear, this is why they get big…


The lodge itself is located on the shore of the St-Maurice River, we hunt farm land, Private property, we have a full control on the bear harvest and for the last 23 years we did harvest only one bear per bait… we let them grow.. This is why we harvest every year some bear that make the record book. You will have the opportunity to harvest one…

And other good thing, no dirt road… to come in our lodge you will be on highway road all the way up, located between Montréal and Quebec city access by the 40 highway.. 1 ½ hours east of Montréal city, or 6 hours east of Toronto.


All our hunts are offering a full guiding service. Full guiding services mean, that the guides are always there for the clients, you will not be by yourself. On Monday, after the hunting briefing and the safety tips, the guides check if you have the proper equipment to achieve your hunt and make sure that your hunting weapon is well set. All the clients go shoot to make sure that the gun or bows are right on.

After a good lunch, the guide will bring you in the wood to your hunting site, set you up for the hunt. At the end of the day, the guide comes again to pick you up. When you harvest your trophy, the guides will take care of it, skin it and prepares it for the transportation back to your home. Also, bring your cell phone… you can call us, cell phone work in our area.



Our black bear hunt take place in zone 7, 15 and 26 of the Quebec wildlife zone. We cover different type of habitat due to the size of the land we have. We mainly hunt on private land, around 80% of ours land are farm land with corn field, oat filed ….black bear paradise, they find there all kind of food that they need to go thru the Quebec winter, we do not need to make food plot we have them all over.. Year to year, we have an average of 90% success.

The hunt is over baited site and all the hunters have the opportunity to hunt bait that is never been hunt before him. All the baits are set for bow hunter ,with shoot under 25 yards or firearm hunter and are design to offer the best advantages to the hunter. Also, we are offering ground blind for the one who cannot hunt from a tree stand. We accommodate all the clients


  • Transport from the airport to Cabin
  • 6 nights and 5 days hunt
  • 3 meals a day
  • Lodging
  • Full guiding service
  • Tree stand & ground blind
  • Skinning and freezing your bear trophy



  • Hunting license (190.00$ Can)
  • Alcoholic beverage
  • Tip to guide
  • Vip-hunter guardian on request 990 EUR




Week of 14 to 20 May – last 6 free places

Week of 21 to 27 May – no offer

Week of 28 May to 3 June – sold/reservation

Week of 4 to 10 June – sold

Week of 11 to 17 June – 8 free places

Week of 18 to 24 June – 8 free places

Week of 25 to 1 July – 7 free places


If you want see some bears, go on the bear tab, I have a lot of bear video from this year, you will be impress of the size of bears that we have.

This is some hunting report on my bow hunt, that will give you an idea of the quality of our hunt.

Like every year, to show the bear that we have on our baits site, I do a utub mount of the few video that my trails cameras catch, it will give you an idea of the bears that we had in 2015 , you may like it. Just click on those links:

2015 part 1
2015 part 2

2015 part 3


If you need more details or have any questions, contact us anytime.


Tim Eskew Akron OH


Tim Kent Rochester NY


Dave Hall Albion PA